Starting Your CBD Business With White-Label, Wholesale Products

White-Label CBD Products

Any entrepreneur needs to be passionate about their product or service and hire hard-working professionals to see it all through.  With the skyrocketing popularity of CBD in the United States, new companies are springing up everywhere trying to cash in; and this is one industry that is going nowhere but up. A smart way to launch your CBD venture and keep your initial operating costs down is to purchase white-label CBD products at wholesale prices.

What Does “White Label” Mean?

White-labeling is when a product manufacturer brands their product with the name and logo of your company, which enables you to sell merchandise as your own.  Many established producers of CBD and hemp oil products have started to offer their inventory via white-labeling.  Purchasing white-label products wholesale for your new business can reduce costs, labor, and workload which allows you to concentrate on the more important inner-workings of the business itself.

RAD Extracts: The #1 CBD Wholesaler

RAD Extracts is a family-owned Colorado-based company that produces full-spectrum CBD extracts. Our extract is preserved in a manner closest to the content of the raw cannabis plant that preserves its purity.  Colorado has been one of the long-standing leaders in CBD production since it was legalized in 2013.  The climate is perfect for growing and drying hemp. We carefully choose our farms to grow our organic hemp to ensure our end product is free of impurities.


Why Choose RAD Extracts?

We here at RAD Extracts offer our premium CBD products under a full-service, “seed-to-sale”, process.  In other words, we worry about logistics, supply chain, and quality control.  We manufacture, test, label, and then package the product for you so you have amazing inventory ready to ship.  All that is left for you to do is sell it! Our website provides a simple, easy-to-understand overview of our white labeling process. Learn more here.

After you choose which product you’d like to sell, we test the crop to ensure that it’s 100% organic and meets our stringent standards for quality.  The CBD is then processed into a full-spectrum oil and tested again for potency.  Finally, we brand and package the product with your preferred label and send it off to you. With the several tests we put our CBD through, you can be assured that you’re getting top-of-the-line hemp-based products that you’ll be proud to sell under your name.

For pricing options, visit the contact portion of our website for our phone number or to send us a message about what you’re interested in and one of our customer representatives will be happy to assist you.

Call us for more information about our premium products available for white-label/resale, visit our CBD products page.

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