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Here at RAD Extracts, we specialize in creating all-natural CBD products that can impact the lives of your customers in positive ways. To help you do this, we offer wholesale CBD oil with white label and private label programs, along with co-packaging and bottling services to take care of all your needs. We aim to help support like-minded businesses that want to provide high-quality, natural products that positively impact life, and if you have any questions about exactly how we’d be able to support your business, check out the FAQ below.

Whether you’re curious about our CBD itself, our services, or something else, you should be able to find an answer to it here!

General Questions

The pricing includes everything except for the label design. We are happy to send information and label examples to help create your label, but we know how personal developing your brand is. If you don’t have your own graphic designers, we can send references for graphic design artists who are familiar with the products we produce. The whit-label pricing includes the following:

  • Hemp Extract
  • Carrier Oils/flavors/etc.
  • Blending
  • Bottle
  • Top
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Batching & BBD on the bottom of the bottles
  • Potency Testing

White label services have a turnaround time of 3-4 weeks from the time that the label is submitted/approved and the sales order is produced.

Bulk Blends have a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks.

Bulk Extract turnaround time is typically 3-4 business days.

Yes, we can ship products to a fulfillment center.

Professional Inspections of the Cannabis We Grow
We get the raw extract full panel tested, which includes potency, residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, mycotoxins, and terpenes. We then test their potency to ensure the CBD and THC meet our and your specifications.

If you want additional testing performed on your finished product, we can submit the testing for you through Botana or and their testing fee will be applied.

Various CBD Oil Products



Yes, if you want the potency test under your name, there is a $60 fee.

Bottling, Packaging, Reviewing, and Certifying Products

We are experienced in making tinctures, gel capsules, gummies, creams, and topicals and we can package and bottle them up to your specifications. These products are available in a variety of sizes, concentrations, and flavors. Check out all the different products we can make for your company right here.

Our wholesale full spectrum CBD oil is available in sizes ranging from 2.5 gallons all the way up to 55 gallons.

If you are purchasing bulk products from RAD Extracts and using them as an ingredient in your own formulation and/or are bottling and packaging them at your own facility, you need to be a certified brand owner by the agency that administers the program you are interested in. You can contact us for a list of the certifying agencies we work with. Any associated fees will be transacted directly between your company and the certifying agency.

Each certifying agency charges a fee to review and certify your labels. The fee amount and a list of products that are offered in this program will vary depending on the certifying agency.

Our Quality Assurance Director will provide guidance on how to design your labels for each certification seal and will provide the appropriate electronic files to send to your designer. Once your labels are designed with the seals that you would like to be certified to use, the labels will need to be submitted to the certifying agency for review and approval. Rad will submit the label for Organic certification, customers will need to submit the labels to the Kosher certifier and US Hemp Authority Certifier in order for products to be certified by these agencies. The certifying agency typically responds within 3-4 weeks with the status of your label certification. Once approved, your certified products will be moved forward in the production process.

White-Labeling and Private-Labeling Services



We have bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes that are included in the price of the product, but you can supply your own bottle design if you would like a custom bottle. If you have your own bottle design, we will need a sample of it to ensure it can run through our machines without a problem. There is a $.60 discount per unit if you supply your own bottles.

RAD Extracts is currently certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, USDA National Organic Program, and OK Kosher Certification Agency. The instructions to use any of these seals on your product labels are generally the same for every certifying agency, with a few minor details.

The label printing and application are included in the white label pricing.

You can supply your own labels if desired. If you wish to supply your own label, there is a $.45 discount/unit. Labels would need to be on a roll with a #4 rewind. Please ensure that the labels for each sku are on 1 single roll.

Labels received on sheets, multiple rolls, or in the wrong direction will lead to additional charges for labor.

Our label sizes for CBD products are as follows:

  • Tinctures (Human and Pet): 3.8125”h x 1.625” w
  • Face Serum: 3.8125”h x 1.625” w
  • Gel Caps: 5.6875” h x 2.125”w
  • Gummies: 6.080” h x 2.813” w
  • Lotions (2oz): 7.125” h x 1.125” w
  • 4oz Lotion Containers: 3.5” h x 4.75” w
  • Roll-On 2oz: 4.625” h x 1.875” w


CBD Oil Supplied from Seed-to-Sale Produce RAD Extracts is proud to be a USADA organic certified manufacturer. However, in order to use the USDA organic stamp on your labels, you will need to sign the USDA organic private label agreement and ensure your labels follow USDA organic regulations. We will submit your label to our Organic Certifier on your behalf, and it typically takes 3-4 weeks for a label to get certified by them. Once the label is approved by the Organic Certifier, then the production time of 3-4 weeks starts. The fee for this review is $150.00 fee per sku. You can expect a total turnaround time of 6-8 weeks from submitting your labels to your product shipment.

If you want to get a product USDA organic certified that is not currently certified under RAD, there is a $150.00 formulation fee in addition to the label review fee.

CBD Oil Product Suppliers

We are devoted to creating the highest quality full spectrum CBD products on the market, so we took the steps to become US Hemp Authority certified. This certification is an industry initiative to provide high standards, best practices, and self-regulation to companies that manufacture hemp products like CBD, and it gives our customers hemp products we produce are safe and legal.

If you want to use the US Hemp Authority Stamp on your products, you will need to work directly with the US Hemp Authority. If you are purchasing bulk oils and bottling them yourself, you will apply as a Handler and Brand Owner with the US Hemp Authority. If you are using our white labeling service, then you will need to apply as a Brand Owner.  Once you have been approved by the US Hemp Authority, you just need to send us your certificate, and we will be able to apply your labels carrying the US Hemp authority stamp.

RAD Extract’s tincture products are Kosher Certified. If you would like to use the Kosher symbol on your white labeled tinctures manufactured by RAD Extracts, you will need to apply for a private label agreement with Kosher. This process starts with filling out a private label agreement form, and after it has been submitted, a private label specialist will contact you to discuss whether or not you are eligible and go over the potential next steps. There is no fee for this consultation, but there is an annual fee of $300 for the agreement and maintenance of your account.

More Questions?

Was your question not answered? Reach out to our team directly with any questions you may have about our CBD white- and private-label services, our USDA organic certified CBD oil, or our co-packing and bottling services. Our team would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you find a solution to your needs.

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