Pure, Organic Hemp Extract CBD Oil

Seed-to-Sale: Hemp Growing to CBD Distilling

If you’ve been doing research for the best supplier for your CBD business, you’ve probably come across the term “Seed-to-Sale”, but what does that mean exactly? In short, Seed-to-Sale is considered the lifecycle of the hemp plant from the time the seed is planted to the time the final product is packaged and sold to the customer.


Quality in Every Step of the Process

At RAD Extracts, we take pride in creating premium, organic full spectrum CBD oils and extracts. Our process starts with the highest quality hemp on our partner’s organic-certified farms. To ensure that all our products maintain the highest level of quality and remain compliant, we continue to monitor our pure organic hemp extract CBD oil throughout each stage of the Seed-to-Sale process.

Plants Used To Make Pure Organic Hemp Extract CBD Oil

Why Purchase from RAD Extracts?

RAD Extracts is unique in that everything we sell is completely traceable from the farm the hemp is grown on to the finished product ready to be sold. New and existing companies in the CBD industry are looking for ways to cut out the middleman, and this is it. When you choose RAD Extracts as your supplier, you do not have to worry about where your product has come from or how many times it has passed hands.

RAD Extracts continues to follow USDA regulations closely to maintain pure organic hemp extract CBD oil produced and use a sub-zero extraction process to reach full spectrum levels of CBD oil. We care for our – and your – products from the time the seed goes into the ground to when we’re shipping the final product to you. For additional information regarding the quality of our products and processes, contact us at RAD Extracts today!

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