Co-Packing & Bottling Services

RAD Extracts aims to support businesses that aim to create natural products that have a positive impact on life, just like we do. We do this by offering labeling, co-packing, and bottling services to other businesses who might not have the in-house capabilities to do so. Our facility is USDA Organic certified, meaning we can bottle and label organic certified products. RAD can handle all kinds of different food grade and cosmetic items. Plus, because we regularly deal with CBD products, we’re more than familiar with the process for bottling thick liquids like oils, lotions and sauces. Contact us today to learn more about how our co-packing services can help your business!

What is Co-Packing and How Can It Help My Business?

Put simply, co-packing is the process during which a product or goods are assembled into their final packaging before being sent to retailers and consumers. The process can be as simple as filling up a bottle with liquid and sealing the lid or more complex, depending on your needs and the type of packaging your product requires.

Many companies use co-packing services because they don’t have the in-house resources to meet the demands of product fulfillment themselves and would rather rely on a company that has the specialty equipment, experience, and staff necessary to meet their needs in a timely manner.

Why RAD Extracts?

Bottling Services

At RAD Extracts, we have the expertise and equipment to handle bottling services and labeling all liquid goods or solid bottled items. And because our business is USDA certified we’re able to handle organic items as well. If you’re company makes oils, syrups, sauces, capsules, creams, gels, or cosmetic products, we’ll be able to fulfill your needs for packing and labeling better than any other co-packer. Our co-packing services include:

• Low Minimum Order Quantities

• Automated Bottling Filling: 15 ml to 5 gallons

• Label Printing

• Automated Product Labeling: Kitting/Assembly Retail Ready Packaging (Bar Code Printing, Inner Case Assembly and Out Case Assembly)

Contact us today to start the process of co-packing and bottling so you can focus on providing A-grade goods to your customers.

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