RAD Extracts is a Private- and White-Label CBD company that started because hemp is an exciting new industry that changes people’s lives for the better. Our philosophy is to create a CBD extract that is safe and retains the natural benefits of the hemp plant. Hemp extraction is unique in that the more you process or refine the plant, the less synergy the compounds have to create the entourage effect. In a world full of isolated compounds and drugs, RAD Extracts wants hemp to redefine health. For additional information Contact Us today!

Our MIssion

To create natural products that impact life in a positive way.

Private Label CBD Companies and White Label CBD Companies

Private and White Label CBD Companies

Meet The Team

RAD Extracts

Clarence Bachmeier, Sonja Bachmeier, Baret Bachmeier, Kate Kinnison
Family owned and operated!

RAD Family
Our amazing team of dedicated employees have become our extended family. Teamwork makes this dream work!

Luke Hornbaker

Farm Manager

Alli Deist

Production Manager
RAD Extracts Team of Wholesale CBD Leaders

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