Why Choose RAD for Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Wholesale?

Rad Extractions LogoColorado has been on the forefront of high CBD Hemp genetics since hemp was made legal in the state in 2013. The genetics RAD works with range between 15-20% potential CBD and are crucial to creating high quality full-spectrum CBD oil wholesale.

RAD Extracts takes pride in creating premium, full-spectrum CBD extracts for wholesale. Our process starts with the highest quality hemp in the industry. We grow our hemp in an ideal climate for growing, and drying hemp material ensures our hemp is free from mold and toxins. We meticulously chose our growing partners to ensure the hemp we process meets our quality standards. Now we methodically breed our seeds and manage our own grow at our organic-certified farms. Want to learn more about our wholesale CBD? Connect with us today!

Our hemp is third-party tested in the field to insure it contains less than the .3% legal limit of THC. From the field we use our state of the art subzero extraction process. Using only food grade alcohol, we create gallons of CBD oil that are naturally rich in cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Having these phyto-chemicals and compounds present in the extract creates a synergy that is called the entourage effect. The entourage effect is touted to have a stronger influence when all the compounds are working together, as opposed to isolates and distillates. Rad Extracts offers full spectrum CBD oil Wholesale in Colorado to fit your business’s needs.

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CBD is a new, quickly emerging industry and we want to provide people and companies the opportunity to jump into the space without large capital investment.

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