Full Spectrum Extracts

A full spectrum extract is minimally processed hemp extract that includes hundreds of components from the hemp plant (phytochemicals, over 100 cannabinoids, terpenes, & flavonoids). Full spectrum hemp extracts are not all equal, the percentage of CBD has a wide range, 20% – 70% CBD content. The range of CBD directly relates to the quality of the hemp plant. The higher quality the plant, the greater the percentage of CBD. At RAD Extracts we offer only the highest quality full spectrum extract; meaning this means our extracts are made with 60% CBD+ and we offer , a wide selection of full spectrum extract CBD products as well as broad-spectrum (no THC) and isolate (CBD only) products.

How Does Extraction Work?

We use a process called “sub zero extraction” where organic, sugar cane, food-grade ethanol is used to create phytochemical rich full spectrum extract. The plant and organic ethanol are first frozen to -20 degree for 24 hours, then the frozen hemp plant is submerged with the frozen ethanol and a quick soak is performed. The sub zero extraction method allows the ethanol to extract all the phytochemicals that are helpful in creating the entourage effect while not pulling the plant particulates, lipids, fats, chlorophyll and other plant material that have no benefit to creating the entourage effect. This creates a cleaner, more effective, higher potency, better looking and tasing full spectrum extract. Once the extraction has taken place, the tincture blend is pumped through a closed loop evaporator where the ethanol is removed. This produces the extracted oils and nothing more so that you can enjoy unaltered full spectrum CBD extract– the way it should be!

A high-quality extracted subzero is the least processed and doesn’t require any chemicals or further processing to produce an extract that can be put into a finished product. An advantage of this extraction method is that a high-quality hemp plant can become a full spectrum extract without further extractions, which means it likely benefits the most from the entourage effect. Why? Because the plant components are working together synergistically increasing the beneficial properties provided by the full spectrum extract. These high-quality full spectrum hemp extracts are a promising choice for therapeutic benefits, and the type of extraction method that RAD Extracts utilizes in all our white and private label products.

Why Choose a Full Spectrum Extract

Full spectrum allows the natural components of the hemp plant to work together in a synergistic way, this is called the entourage effect. Meaning, everything works together to create a greater benefit. Having a wide range of hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes, etc., allows the benefits derived from the hemp plant to work more holistically, and assists CBD in providing benefits. For example, terpenes can help increase bioavailability of the cannabinoids, meaning more nutrients are available for the body to benefit from. Simply put, full spectrum extract have a greater healing potential, which has been validated by scientific research.

Scientific research has substantiated this greater healing potential of full spectrum CBD extracts. When researchers test isolated CBD for therapeutic benefits a bell shape response is observed. A bell shape response demonstrates that the benefits of CBD peak and then drop off, which means that the therapeutic benefits unfortunately do not last long. Researchers were able to overcome this challenge when CBD was paired with other natural components of the hemp plant [1]. This is correlated to the medicinal constituents of the hemp plant working with CBD to increase its potential to provide therapeutic actions, thus, showing that full spectrum hemp extracts are a better option than isolated CBD because the components of the plant work together, and the therapeutic benefits provided are longer lasting.

How to Detect a Full Spectrum Extract

Organoleptic analysis (a sensory observation of the color, odor and appearance) is a great way to detect a quality full spectrum extract. Full spectrum extracts include many flavonoids and terpenes. Flavonoids are largely responsible for the color, and terpenes are largely responsible for the scent. This makes it possible for us to use our eyes and nose to differentiate between a higher quality product, and a lower quality product. It’s easier to detect these quality standards with an MCT based oil, in comparison to something such as hemp seed oil, which is generally green in color.

[1]Gallily, R., Yekhtin, Z. and Hanuš, L.O. (2015) Overcoming the Bell Shaped Dose Response of Cannabidiol by Using Cannabis Extract Enriched in Cannabidiol. Pharmacology & Pharmacy, 6, 7585.

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