What Is A Full Spectrum Extract? Explaining The Basics

The three most common types of CBD extracts are “full-spectrum” extracts, “broad spectrum” extracts, and “isolates”. But what’s the difference, and what’s right for you? Find out now in this blog from Rad Extracts!

Full Spectrum Extracts Are Also Called “Crude” Extracts

Full-spectrum extracts are also called “crude” extracts because this is the first extract that’s obtained from processing the hemp plant. Because they’re minimally processed, full-spectrum extracts can contain hundreds of different phytochemicals – including over 100 cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This is the most beneficial extract because it creates what is called the entourage effect. The entourage effect is when the plant compounds work together synergistically to increase the beneficial properties provided by the extract. The full-spectrum extract is a promising choice for optimal therapeutic benefits.

The percentage of CBD contained in full-spectrum extracts can vary quite widely, however. Usually, this is between 20% and 70%. Higher quality (higher CBD percentages) extracts are derived from higher quality hemp, which contains a larger percentage of CBD (cannabidiol) compared to lower quality plants, which produce a lower quality (lower CBD percent) full-spectrum extract that usually needs to be further refined to be put into a finished product.

Full-spectrum extracts will contain trace amounts of THC, but this is in levels less than 0.3%, in order to meet legal requirements.

Broad Spectrum Extracts Are Refined For Higher CBD & Lower THC Content

Broad-spectrum extracts are created from crude or full-spectrum extracts, usually using a chromatography method to pull THC and other unwanted compounds out of the product.

The primary goal of this is to try to eliminate THC and other unwanted compounds, but with further refinement, the entourage effect is lost. When the THC is remediated, other beneficial plant compounds are also lost. Broad Spectrum extract can have a CBD content of 60% to 88%, and a THC content of less than 0.2%. This is important because most broad-spectrum extracts or THC-free extracts still have THC present, but in lesser amounts than full spectrum.

CBD Isolate Are Refined For A Pure CBD Product

Isolates are produced using a harsh chemical process, usually utilizing pentane. The hemp extract goes through a series of heating and cooling processes using chemicals to isolate the CBD and remove all other plant compounds. CBD isolate is a pure white crystal powder and contains 98%+ CBD. This means hemp has lost all other beneficial components.

Need an analogy? Think of it this way. Full-spectrum CBD is like a piece of homemade bread made with wholesome, stone-ground wheat – while broad-spectrum CBD is more like a piece of factory-made white bread, which has been processed and altered quite a bit from its natural state.

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