Superior CBD Massage Oil Benefits

CBD Massage Oil Being poured into someone's hand

CBD Massage Oil Being poured into someone’s hand

The popularity and benefits of CBD massage oil haves skyrocketed over the past few years due to its legality in all 50 states. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, which has two varieties; hemp and marijuana. CBD (scientifically known as Cannabidiol) extracted from the hemp plant is legal in all 50 states, but as of 2018, only eight states have legalized CBD derived from marijuana; California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maine, Washington, and Alaska

A Philosophical Perspective On CBD

In Chinese philosophy, the yin and the yang portray how opposing forces complement each other in the natural world. Strangely enough, cannabis portrays the same. The difference between CBD derived from the hemp plant and the marijuana plant is the level of THC, the main component of cannabis. THC is associated with causing delusions and hallucinations by stimulating the brain to release dopamine, creating the euphoric feeling of being “high”. However, THC is also known for inflicting panic attacks and paranoia. On the other hand, the benefits of CBD massage oil do the opposite. It eases anxiety and depression and can also combat chronic pain.

According to, in a study that compared the effects of THC and CBD, it was determined that THC actually increased anxiety, while CBD reduced “autonomic arousal”, which is an involuntary response associated with sudden spikes in heart rate and respiration. Also, according to, the National Cancer Institute put together a list of the ways CBD is beneficial to health and wellness including easing nausea, pain, and inflammation; improving mood; and overall sense of wellness.

Enjoy The Finest CBD Massage Oil Benefits

Due to the popularity of CBD oil drops and sprays, CBD oil producers are finding new ways for users to get their CBD. In addition to treating symptoms on the inside, you can now find CBD products that will help you treat yourself on the outside. Self-care is an important part of treating anxiety, depression, and pain. RAD Extracts, a producer of organically grown hemp, began when the founders understood that CBD could dramatically improve people health and wellness naturally, as opposed to chemically produced prescriptions. They’ve developed a line of topical formulas infused with their full spectrum CBD oil that retains terpenes, plant fats and lipids, and phyto-cannabinoids, that will treat your body as well as your mind. RAD Extracts’ topical products with high benefits include CBD massage oil, face serum, cooling muscle gel, and hand & body lotion.

Who doesn’t love a good massage? There is almost nothing better than treating yourself to a soothing rubdown to melt the stress and tension away. The many benefits of massage therapy include increased blood circulation, detoxification, healing of sore muscles, and boosting the immune system. RAD Extracts full spectrum hemp massage oil has benefits intended to relieve tired muscles and boosts quicker recovery time by combining our hemp extract with a blend of relieving massage oils. RAD Extract hemp massage oil is available in 4oz bottles and contains 400mg CBD per bottle.

RAD Extracts sells hemp massage oil in bulk and is great for wholesale/resale opportunities. Browse all available CBD products or fill out a Contact Us form to receive a quote for the products or services that RAD Extracts provides.

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