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Finding the right contract CBD manufacturer and distributor is key to the success and integrity of your brand. You are relying on someone else to uphold the name and image of your brand while also producing high quality CBD products that comply with current regulations within the Hemp Industry. The FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) state that the brand owner is ultimately responsible for the product’s integrity, whether they produce the product in-house or outsource for production. Here at RADExtracts, we pride ourselves in upholding the highest industry standards for manufacturing and processing, to ensure that our client’s brands are always in compliance and following regulations.


Here at RADExtracts we understand that having a reliable contract distributor is an integral part to maintaining and growing your CBD brand. We take the time to go over the entire scope of the contract with our clients so you know exactly how long your order will take and how much it will cost before entering into any contract. We understand and communicate industry regulations, as well as document all the processes and procedures we use, in order to provide complete transparency and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Fit Your Needs:

We understand that offering new and innovative products is crucial to differentiating your brand in the growing and competitive CBD market. Here at RADExtracts, we are able to work with clients to custom formulate the products that they want. We believe the success behind creating new and innovative products for our clients is rooted in our ability to stay in constant contact with them. We make sure that your product vision is always aligned with the final product we produce.


The CBD industry is like the wild west in the sense that there is very little regulation in place. This means that many contract distributors cut corners and use unethical processes and procedures to make a quick dollar. RADExtracts prides ourselves in our compliance and certifications because they help us maintain our high-quality products while ensuring that we are always an extremely reliable source. RADExtracts is US Hemp Authority Certified, Kosher Certified, and Organically Grown Certified. As well as in compliance with GMP and 3rd party testing procedures.


Since there is little regulation in the hemp industry, there are several companies that do not properly document everything they do. We document everything because we believe that in terms of regulatory compliance, if a process, procedure, protocol, or test result is not written down, it doesn’t exist. We keep all our documentation on hand so that we can provide complete transparency to our clients and show them the premium quality of our manufacturing practices.

CBD Product Sourcing:

As a contract distributor of high-quality CBD, we understand that the source of ingredients for your product is extremely important to the success of your brand. Here at RADExtracts we source full-spectrum CBD from our 100-acre hemp farm in Southeastern Colorado and have built strong relationships with trusted vendors for our carrier oils and solvents to ensure that our products are as effective and safe as possible. Our hemp is grown organically, and our carrier oils are also organic certified. The ethanol used during our extraction process is food-grade Kosher certified. RADExtracts also documents where each ingredient is coming from and when they are used, in order to provide complete transparency to our clients.


We understand that contract manufacturing can be a confusing and difficult because you are essentially asking someone to complete your own vision through the processes that they already have in place. We pride ourselves at RADExtracts in our ability to communicate clearly and work closely with all our clients to provide them with final products that are what they envisioned. We encourage onsite audits from clients to show them how their product is developing and how we are operating.

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