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Bulk CBD Oil

We at RAD Extracts have made it our mission to provide the CBD community through quality oil processing that maximizes health benefits by staying safe, sustainable and cost efficient. We do this through our Full-Spectrum Bulk CBD oil portfolio. Let us tell you how purchasing bulk CBD oil from RAD Extracts is exactly what you and/or your company needs.

About RAD

We at RAD Extracts are affiliated with and certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, certified organic, third-party tested, and seed to sale. These certifications ensure the integrity and quality of our CBD; that all of our CBD is third-party tested for potency and quality assurance.

We handle the processing of our hemp, grown at our organic Colorado-based farms, from beginning to end; literally seed to sale. Our plants grow and mature for four months before harvesting and moving onto our processing plant.

Bulk CBD Oil at RAD

We believe that being transparent in this emergency industry is the secret to our success. We want our customers to know exactly what they’re getting. We fairly price our bulk CBD oil based on the weight of the CBD. We do not charge you for the other cannabinoids and terpenes that are in the Full-Spectrum oil. We do not add any additives or preservatives that you find with other CBD producers. Our price structure is based solely on the CBD so there is no confusion with the amount of CBD and the potency levels that you receive when you purchase products from RAD.

Before any product leaves our facility, we test our oil at a third-party facility to ensure products of the highest quality. We encourage our, if you’re looking to purchase CBD in bulk, to do your research. We are confident that you will find that we have the best CBD at the best price.

Our Extraction Process

Our CBD oil extraction procedure is a no pressure, cold, sub-zero, kosher alcohol extraction that produces full-spectrum CBD extracts. This process keeps the natural cannabinoids, including those that are not CBD, and terpenes intact. The use of high-pressure, carbon dioxide extraction damages the genetic makeup of the plant, destroying the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes that are included in full-spectrum CBD oil.

The cold, sub-zero extraction process maintains the integrity of chemical makeup of the hemp plant and creates a clean full-spectrum extract that is between 60-70% CBD. Because of the high potency of the oil, we can use less oil, which improves taste and efficacy.

During the extraction process, the only thing that comes in contact with our product is kosher alcohol. Other CBD producer use a carbon dioxide extraction process that uses carbon dioxide and ethanol. This ensures that the end product is a clean oil that is free of excess plant materials like chlorophyll and lipids, while still maintaining the natural terpenes and cannabinoids of the hemp plant.

For a quote on our bulk CBD oil, contact our customer service department. We can’t wait to speak with you and fulfilling your CBD needs.

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